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10 Wild Casting Decisions That Almost Changed Your Favorite Shows

There are some television roles that are intrinsically linked with the actors that played them. But what if their star-making role had gone to someone else? What effect would that have had on some of TV’s most iconic characters? Here are 10 casting decisions that almost changed your favorite shows.

10. Garrett Dillahunt as Negan, The Walking Dead

Of the entries on this list, Garrett Delahunt almost being Negan feels like a missed opportunity. It’s no secret that Watchmen actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a controversial presence in The Walking Dead since his introduction at the end of season six, and Delahunt’s larger physique, and stony gaze may have inspired more terror.

Garett Dillahunt –

9. Rory Kinnear as the 11th Doctor, Doctor Who

Before Matt Smith donned the famous bowtie and sometimes a delectable fez, as the 11th Doctor, the incoming showrunner Steven Moffat had some interesting choices for the Doctor Who lead role. One of those was Penny Dreadful’s Rory Kinnear, who has also won numerous awards for his theatre work. The role was reportedly Kinnear’s to lose but he stated that a lead role in a “kids tv shoiw” wasn’t for him. His loss was Matt Smith’s gain.

Rory Kinnear –

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cordelia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar has never been able to shake off her most famous role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it could have been so different. As well as auditioning for Buffy, the 17-year-old Gellar also went for the part of Cordelia Chase, the unofficial queen of Sunnydale High. While Gellar has fantastic comic timing, it’s unthinkable now that anyone could have played Cordelia other than Charisma Carpenter.

Sarah Michelle Gellar –

7. Charisma Carpenter as Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Just as Sarah Michelle Gellar auditioned for the role of Cordelia for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so to did Charisma Carpenter take a shot at the slaying of the vampires. Creator Joss Whedon clearly saw Carpenter’s potential, giving her the role of Cordelia instead, which lead to a starring role in the Buffy spin-off Angel.

6. Nathan Fillion as Angel, Angel

Speaking of Angel, David Boreanez nearly lost out on his career-making role of the vampire with a soul, to future Whedonite Nathon Fillion. Fillion would get another shot at Buffy in the show’s final season as he played Caleb, a demonic preacher working for the First Evil. Like everything Fillion attempts, he rocked it.

Nathan Fillion –

5. Nicholas Brendon as Captain Mal, Firefly

When it comes to career-making roles, no other actor is more synonymous with a short-lived TV character than Nathon Fillion is with Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly. It could have been very different if Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon could have worked out his schedule. Yes, the plan was to give the perennial Xander his own chance at a hero role, before Fillion came in to originate a thousand best space cowboy arguments.

Nicholas Brendon –

4. Jennifer Aniston as Monica, Friends

Just think, an entire generation of women in the 90’s could have been denied that haircut. Which is what could have happened if Jennifer Aniston rocked her audition for Monica. Instead she landed the role of Rachael Green, and is still the only member of the Friends cast who has successfully outran her star-making turn.

Jennifer Anniston –

3.  Martin Landau as Spock, Star Trek

The wonderful Martin Landau, who recently passed away, had a long career of fantastic roles, including winning an Oscar as Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Many will remember him as Commander John Koenig in cult show Space 1999, but he could have had a much more famous role had circumstances been different. Yes, Landau could have been everyone’s favourite Vulcan as he auditioned for the role of Spock before Leonard Nimoy helped create the legacy of Star Trek.

Martin Landau –

2. Edward James Olmos as Captain Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Keeping with the Trekkies, it’s arguable that Star Trek: The Next Generation could have been quite different. That is if Edward James Olmos got the role of Captain Picard. Patrick Stewart became anther Trek icon instead, but don’t feel too bad for Olmos. After all, he got his chance to run a famous spaceship with his starring role in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.

Edward James Olmos –

1.Mathew Broderick as Walter White, Breaking Bad

Before Bryan Cranston became the king of TV’s golden age as Walter White in Breaking Bad, actors which included both John Cusack and Mathew Broderick were considered for the role. Considered meaning AMC wanted a more bankable name, but creator Vine Gilligan held out for Branston and TV history was made.

Matthew Broderick –